Apartments with
yield in Dubai

  • Investment appeal: rental income "Guardian in dollars" - 7.0% net per annum
  • Passive earnings based on professional management of the hotel operator
  • Capitalization of the real estate from 40%
  • Emirates ID is granted upon buying real estate.
  • Unique location: in TOP-3 of the best tourist locations of Dubai.
  • 0% TAX. There is no annual property tax.
We find old-furnished apartments on DISTRESS DEAL and buy them with own funds for FLIPPING
We carry out a fully new-furnishing in apartments: engineering, finishing, furniture, appliances, decoration
We offer for sale completed NEW FURNISHED apartments to our investors
After buying your property you rent it out to our hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA LAND under a long-term state-issued lease agreement TENANCY CONTRACT
Our hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA LAND runs a hotel business in the apartments: it rents out apartments to Dubai tourists using different channels and platforms. Mainly SHORT TERM mode is used in work, because it produces the greatest income from the rental of apartments.
On the basis of the lease agreement, our hotel operator ACADEMIA LAND pays out to you a guaranteed monthly income of 8% per annum of the amount invested (USD)
Passive real estate earnings generated with clear and transparent method
As a result, you get:
A fully-furnished apartment with a high-quality modern renovation, which is fully equipped for further rent out. Also, you already have a tenant who starts accruing income to you from the first day of the transaction.
Below is a real case renting one of the apartments:
You can request a detailed financial model from our manager. Just leave a request
$ 175
Average daily rate
of the apartment
$4 882
Average income
per month
$2 550
Guaranteed rent out payments per month
$ 630 - Marketing budget and commissions of booking platforms
$ 14 - Housekeeping expenses (household appliances and cosmetics sets for guests)
$ 37 - Expense for PMS, Channel Manager and CRM automation
$ 275 - Payroll and cleaning
$ 166 - Laundry
$ 35 - Internet (Wi-Fi)
$ 250 - Utility bills
$ 925 - Profit of the hotel operator ACADEMIA LAND
30 600$
per year
7 %
per annum
The tourism industry is one of the leading industries for the country's economy: the UAE annually invests a lot in the development of tourism and advertising its destinations around the world.
Dubai tourism market is No.1 in the world according to the Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2022.
The high tourist season lasts six months.
Dubai is the most popular city for international travel, business and events. Many festivals, leisure and business events that contribute to the growth of tourism.
Dubai is the transportation center of the world. Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia have not only turned the United Arab Emirates into one of the largest transport hubs in the world, but also increased its accessibility and attractiveness for tourists from over the world.
14.4 million tourists visited Dubai in 2022.
Dubai's Tourism Strategy until 2025 is to make the emirate the center of international tourism and increase the tourist flow to 40 million people a year.
  • 1 min
    to the sandy beach
  • 3 min
    to the DMCC
    metro station
  • 3 min
  • 7 min
    and DUBAI AIN
  • 15 min
    to BURJ KHALIFA and
  • 20 min
Advantages of fraction:
  • The price of fractions starts from $ 130,000 or from $ 205,000 to aplly for Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE) right after the signing of purchase contract
  • Investments are secured by real estate - you receive a certificate of ownership TITLE DEED
  • You get a guaranteed income immediately from the first day of the transaction
  • 8% net yield per annum is accrued in a stable international currency (AED or USD)
  • You have the opportunity to stay in your own comfortable apartments during vacation because of the TIMESHARE system
What does fraction mean?
Factions are JOINT OWNERSHIP, where each owner signs a JOINT MEMORANDUM when buying, which reflects all the possibilities:

• independent ownership of the fraction (sale/donation/pledge)
• profit distribution
• distribution of expenses for the maintenance of apartments

You can buy an entire apartment or a fraction of an apartment
TIMESHARE is the right of one of the owners of joint-ownership property to use the property at time allotted to it. It is most often used in the real estate market as an international vacation exchange system among co-owners of club-type resort hotels, apartments, and private houses. The TIMESHARE system is widely applicable in the global standard of ownership and use of real estate. The TIMESHARE system has a rich history and a positive image.

When you decide to come on vacation to your comfortable apartment, you will only need to inform our hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA LAND.

The TIMESHARE system allows owners of fractions both to receive a passive guaranteed income and be able to spend a holiday in their apartments on the beach with no extra expenses.

You rent out your apartment or fraction to the hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA LAND
A long-term lease agreement of a unified state sample (EJARY TENANCY CONTRACT) is signed, which is registered in Dubai Land Department (DLD)
On the basis of a long-term agreement the investor receives a monthly or annual stable payment of 8% per annum in USD / AED
Return is fixed for the entire term of the contract and is insured according to the requirements of the government with fees to RERA (Dubai Land Department) in the amount of $ 1,500,000 (the government of Dubai regulates and controls our activities: if we fail to fulfill our obligations to our partners, the state will provide the partner at the expense of our contribution)
The tenant of the owned apartment is the hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA MANAGEMENT, which operates according to the classic international standard USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry)
ACADEMIA offers its partners guaranteed returned program: the "Guardian".
The guarantee of income is supported by professional hospitality management based on the principle of working with the target audience of a classic and business tourist on the daily SHORT TERM rent out basis
All utility bills are paid by the hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA MANAGEMENT
  • Company team consists from more than 120 professional employees
  • The average rating of the hotel chain based on reviews from guests is high 9.3
  • Average annual occupancy of hotels in the chain in 2021-2022 - 83%
  • The average daily rate of rooms in 2021-2022 was 13% higher than in competing hotels
  • The database of regular guests is more than 200,000 people
  • 6300 m² of renovation carried out
  • 7300 m² of projects are under renovation with launch in 2023-2024
The hotel operator ACADEMIA LAND specializes in the management of 4* hotel complexes in the classical hotel way of operating using international management techniques. Now more than 20 hotels are under the management of the operator. Since 2018, the hotel operator ACADEMIA MANAGEMENT has been showing decent operating results in comparison with other hotel complexes in the city.
    The rate of return will be higher than the market, what is guaranteed by the work of our basic principle: merger of the apartment market with the standards of classical hospitality management.
  • Guaranteed diversification of passive income of your currency portfolio
    Our company consistently pays monthly income to its investors at a rate higher than the market what is fixed in the long-term lease agreement “EJARY TENANCY CONTRACT”.
  • The buyer has an opportunity to stay in owned apartment for any period
    If you want to spend winter in Dubai, you can stay in your apartment for free for any period. The only thing you need is to choose available dates with the hotel operator HOLIDAY HOMES ACADEMIA LAND.
  • Comfortable options to pay for your real estate
    The client has an opportunity to pay in any currency without any complications of currency exchange with the help of our ACADEMIA LAND FAMILY OFFICE with head offices in Russia and UAE.
    ACADEMIA assumes all the risks of passing financial monitoring and currency control in the bank when transferring payment for your real estate.
1. In the tourism market, demand exceeds supply.
ACADEMIA LAND apartments are designed for the target audience of "tourist". In 2022, about 15 million tourists were recorded in Dubai, and under the Dubai Development Program, it is planned to increase the flow of tourists to 40 million people per year by 2030. When choosing a project for investment, it is important to evaluate and understand how the income will be generated and what kind of target audience will occupy the property.

2. Prices for secondary real estate increase stable.
The actual growth of prices for secondary real estate of JBR complex over the past six months has increased by 15-20%. The government regulates the annual increase in prices for secondary real estate from 10% and above.

3. Potential of growth of real estate cost.
The average cost of real estate square meter is now at the level of 2013-2014, while the level of infrastructure has become much higher since these years. Over the past 10 years, the prices of Dubai's market maximum have been lower for 10.5%, as evidenced by the performance of the DLD (Dubai Land Department). On the global arena, Dubai is not yet in the top 10 cities with the highest cost for real estate square meter.

For example: in Sochi, the cost per square meter of real estate is almost 3 times higher than in Dubai.

4. The property is selling out rapidly.
Real estate on the secondary market listed for sale "does not stand idle" for a long time, it is very quickly bought up for various purposes.

Become the owner of real estate with guaranteed yield from $ 205,000 in Dubai!